Chatham High School Announces Neighborhood Students for Term Two | Local announcements


CHATHAM – Chatham High School announces the neighborhood student for the second term of the 2021-2022 school year.

Jake Dwileski, Physical Education; Abigail Taylor, physical education; John Miles, physical education; Taylor Van Wie, Physical Education; Ben Halpin, SUPA Economics; Anna Carroll, psychology; Allyson Engel, SS 12 – Economics; Gabrielle Morse, SS 12 – Government; Pat Brown, World History and Geography I; Luca Spencer, AP World History I; Alexis Reichardt, AP World History II; Isabella Spencer, AP US History; Ava Powers, Human Identity; Mateo Medina, World History and Geography II; Emily Mesick, US History and Government; Tessa Wallace, US history and government; Joselin Castellanos, Introduction to Business; Gabriel Rippel, management and leadership; Daniel Baneni, financial literacy; Aiden Shea, theatrical production; Aidan Brennan, choir ~ 9th grade; Maya Narofsky, Choir ~ 10th grade; Anna Miles, Chorus ~ Grade 11; Amiah Coons, group ~ 9th grade; Tate Van Alstyne, Band ~ 10th grade; Samantha Hoffman, Band ~ Grade 11; Ben Halpin, Band ~ Grade 12; Lexi Berry, jazz band; Aiden Brennan, Orchestra ~ Grade 9; Kamryn Hanson, Orchestra ~ Grade 10; Ian Freiermuth Orchestra ~ Grade 11; Lauren Bruck, Orchestra ~ Grade 12; Anna Friedman, Art Studio; Aidan Brennan, Art Studio; Abby Taylor, Fine Arts Studio; Solaz Talbott, Drawing & Painting Workshop; Clara Jones, Ceramics; Autumn Hults, Art Studio; Zoey Palubeckis, Drawing & Painting Studio; Maya Narofsky, Ceramics; Addison Carmichael, Adaptive Art; Rebekah George, graphic design; Nathan Brown, Digital Electronics; Jacob Carroll, production design and drawing; Zach Casivant, Principles of Engineering; Ryan Burleson, Woodworking; Isabella Spencer, Physics; Jahnyah Armstrong, Midlife; Isabella Spencer, Environmental Sciences; Oliana DeLuca, Earth Sciences; Jenna Palubeckis, chemistry; Jayson Mckay, Project-Based Science; Brooklyn Lynch, Science Links; Alaina Graziano, Health; Brendan DeLyser, Spanish I; Olivia MacDonald, Spanish II; Jordin Radley, Spanish II; Luca Spencer, Spaniard II; Zoey Palubeckis, Spanish III; John Miles, Spanish IV; Benjamin Halpin, Spaniard V; Olivia MacDonald, English 9; Ruby Velasquez Felipe, English 9 Concepts; Brianna Reyome, English 9 pre-AP; Alexis Reichardt, English 10; Jenna Palubeckis, English 10 pre-AP; Hannah Pinto, English 11; Noah Hutchinson, English 11 pre-AP; Amanda Roberts, English 12 AP; Erin Madsen, English 12; Nicholas Reutenauer, algebra; Cameron Myers, Algebra 1A; Elizabeth Morse, Algebra 1B; Gracelyn Gebel, Algebra 2; Alaina Graziano, Accelerated Algebra 2; Ewan Ferrier, University-Related Mathematics; Mateo Medina, Geometry; Addison Perry, Accelerated Geometry; Matthew Thorsen, pre-calculus; Jordan Fisher, Accelerated Pre-Computation; Nathaniel Loomis, AP Calculus; Maya Case, General Public Mathematics; Jason Baneni, computer programming I; Jordan Fisher, web design; Nathaniel Loomis, AP Computing; Daisy Trowbridge, Algebra 2 Prep; Ruby Velasquez ENL.

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