Carnegie Announces Acquisition of Maguire Associates, Adding Financial Aid Optimization and Predictive Analytics to Its Comprehensive Higher Education Solutions


Carnegie acquires Maguire Associates

“This is an important milestone for Carnegie, and we are excited about what this development will bring to our college and university partners,” said Carnegie Chairman Joe Moore.

Carnegie, a leader in higher education enrollment strategy and marketing, today announced its acquisition of Maguire Associates (Maguire), one of the industry’s most trusted and trusted enrollment management companies. . After a series of strategic acquisitions, this is a pivotal moment for Carnegie, a company driven by its promise to provide the most innovative marketing and enrollment solutions in higher education.

Maguire will become the Financial Aid Optimization and Enrollment Analytics team at Carnegie, adding an important element to the company’s comprehensive marketing and enrollment services portfolio and fully realizing its financial aid research solution. students. “Carnegie has always strived to meet its customers’ most pressing challenges with innovative and comprehensive solutions. Maguire’s sophisticated analytical techniques and research capabilities expand our ability to meet these challenges,” said Carnegie President Joe Moore. “By integrating a service like Financial Aid Optimization, we are investing in the future innovation of our higher education recruitment strategy. This is an important milestone for Carnegie, and we are excited about what this development will bring to our college and university partners.

The acquisition of Maguire will strengthen Carnegie’s industry-leading research and psychometrics team by adding data science, individualized financial aid modeling capabilities and even more market research expertise. Additionally, the optimization of financial aid will contribute to Carnegie’s newly crystallized comprehensive student research, providing clients with an alternative to the traditional approach. “Carnegie leads the field as a trusted partner in higher education enrollment strategy and marketing because, like Maguire Associates, they are innovative and data-driven,” said Jack Maguire, president of Maguire Associates and founder of the concept of registration management. “When we thought about combining our strengths with a partner, Carnegie was the only choice for us.”

“We are thrilled to tap into the products and brilliant minds of Maguire,” added Gary Colen, CEO of Carnegie. “Together, we will pursue our combined mission to provide higher education with more than just comprehensive services, but solutions that deliver the results our partners need and expect from our two organizations. Growth and Continued investment in our unique data and data science and modeling services will allow us to better serve our customers in the immediate future.

Carnegie is once again pushing the boundaries of innovation for higher education, a legacy that began when it was founded in 1985. Partnering with Maguire, a company known for its high-quality products and services, continues that legacy. .

About Carnegie

Carnegie (Carnegie Dartlet LLC) is a leader in higher education enrollment marketing and strategy providing personalized marketing and enrollment solutions through integrated research, strategy, digital marketing, leads, Slate optimization, student research, web design and development. By generating quality connections between universities and students, Carnegie drives enrollment growth for its clients. Learn more about

About Maguire

Founded in 1983, Maguire Associates introduced the concept of enrollment management to higher education. Since then, their innovations in research and predictive modeling have provided educational institutions with the evidence-based information needed to achieve their goals. Maguire Associates combines sophisticated analytical techniques, custom research, and deep experience in education leadership with a genuine enthusiasm for partnering with clients to achieve desired results. Learn more about

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