Buildings nearing completion, authorities realize site not feasible


Sub-district Hospital for DH Pora

Buildings nearing completion, authorities realize site not feasible

“Construction has started at a new location, the old buildings will be used for other purposes”

posted on Jul 18, 2022 | Author Younus Rachid

Kulgam, July 17: After spending millions of rupees on the construction of buildings for the Damhal Hanji pora sub-district hospital in Kulgam district in south Kashmir, the health department authorities have now realized that the site is not was not feasible for such a project and have now started construction at another location.

The identified site is 2 kilometers from the main town of DH Pora and is rough terrain and the road to it is not commutable, they say.

Sanctioned by the NC-Congress government 13 years ago, construction of the hospital buildings was nearing completion on the old site.

“After 90% of the construction work was completed, the authorities suddenly realized that the road was not commutable and decided to move it to another location,” said Amjid Rashid, a social activist from the region, in Rising Kashmir. .

“Great buildings have already been built and the money has already been used. This is such an unplanned execution of this very important project,” he said.

At present, the hospital continues to operate from the old buildings which lack space, and most of the machines there are unpacked due to lack of space, he added.

According to official sources, the authorities are now planning to relocate the hospital near the city police station which will cost an additional Rs 11.34 crore.

A senior district health official said column and slab work for a few stories was complete near the site of the police station and the rest of the work would begin soon. “In addition, previously constructed hospital buildings will also be used for other purposes,” he said.

“The cost incurred in constructing the abandoned buildings at the old site is Rs 16 crores and now more than Rs 11 crores will be spent on constructing new buildings at another location. In this way, millions of rupees are wasted on projects that do not appear to have been carefully researched and the person at fault has faced hardly any action,” said a resident in Rising Kashmir.


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