Broadband Service Providers Deliver Exceptional Service with Cambium Networks Quality of Experience (QoE) Solution


New QoE Solution with Application Optimization and Bandwidth Control Enables Fixed Wireless Broadband Service Providers to Increase Customer Satisfaction and Reduce Churn

ROLLING PRAIRIES, Illinois., March 15, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Cambium Networks (NASDAQ: CMBM) new Quality of Experience (QoE) enables broadband service providers to reduce churn, through improved customer satisfaction, while saving money with fewer support calls. In addition, operators can offer their customers a range of prices and service levels allowing them to optimize the use of network resources. With granular application shaping, rate limiting, and application insights, broadband service providers have immediate access to the insights and controls they need to optimize end-user experiences and be the service provider of choice. The solution integrates with Cambium Networks fixed wireless broadband equipment and cnMaestro™ cloud management system while providing valuable optimization features on networks that do not use Cambium Networks equipment. Increased loyalty, more revenue, and lower costs combine to provide service providers with a better return on their network infrastructure investment, freeing up resources for future growth.

“We added the TCP Acceleration feature and noticed immediate improvements,” says Giuseppe SocciIT manager at Dimensiona broadband service provider Italy. “We are able to see a marked reduction in help desk calls and actual reports of improved performance for some customers in the form of faster web page downloads and app performance.” See a video of him experience with Cambium Networks QoE here.

“Service providers have a multitude of tools and technologies to deliver broadband, but they are judged by the end-user experience,” said Tam Dell‘Oro, founder and CEO of Dell’Oro Group, a research and consulting firm specializing in business planning and strategic competitive analysis. “Connectivity rates will increase significantly with the deployment of the 6 GHz band, and wireless service providers will benefit from the optimization of the user experience. We are already seeing strong application adoption across the enterprise which help to optimize the spectrum at the end level of the device.”

Cambium Networks’ QoE solution improves end-user satisfaction by delivering smooth and stable connections between consumer devices and Internet-based applications such as video streaming services, video conferencing applications, file servers and media platforms social. The QoE solution includes:

  • TCP Acceleration – Accelerate TCP traffic to provide smooth and steady traffic flows between customer devices and Internet services. Overcome inherent network issues that impact application performance
  • Granular Application Formatting – Leverage an extensive signature database to identify and shape top applications and provide bandwidth when needed
  • Rate limiting – control the bandwidth for each user according to the service level agreement
  • Preventing Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks – improve business continuity by being alerted to DoS attacks
  • Application Information – Leverage application consumption history to identify application usage spikes and implement corresponding controls or identify opportunities to provide improved services
  • Integration with Cambium Networks fixed wireless portfolio
  • Network-wide statistics with cnMaestro cloud management integration

The benefits of Cambium Networks’ QoE solution can be realized by wireless network operators with equipment from any fixed wireless vendor, providing greater control over bandwidth and application performance. However, when fixed wireless Cambium Networks equipment is used, the QoE solution has access to additional algorithms (for example, MU-MIMO and adaptive modulation) which, in turn, provide a higher level of performance.

“End-user experience is of vital importance, regardless of network technology,” said Atul Bhatnagar, Chairman and CEO of Cambium Networks. “With intelligent edge solutions, we make it easy to optimize applications and provide consistently exceptional service.”

The QoE solution is based on decades of Cambium Networks experience in thousands of networks deployed around the world. “Thanks to Cambium Networks years of expertise on the wireless edge and the integration of technology from Beakingwe are able to measurably improve the end-user experience,” said Sakid Ahmed, CEO of Cambium Networks. “

“We are extremely excited to improve our product by integrating it with Cambium Networks solutions, collaborating with their development team and thereby expanding the reach of our technology,” said Jose LopezCEO of Bequant, a leading network optimization software company Madrid, Spain.

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Cambium Networks wireless fabric portfolio solutions are available through its global network of partners.

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