Big Business Acquisition – Sameer Group of India Acquires US and China Based for $1.2M


ALIGARH, UP, INDIA, March 17, 2022 / — Mergers and acquisitions are often seen in business scenarios. From big companies to mediocre companies to small companies, we can see these things happening. The latest to join the bandwagon is none other than Sameer Group Pvt. Ltd which recently acquired the very famous online fashion giant ModLily.

Acquisition Details

Sameer Group is an Indian private holding company engaged in real estate and e-commerce through its subsidiaries Sameer Real Estate Pvt. Ltd and Essencia LLC. Now, this business mogul is acquiring fellow fashion mogul, ModLily, for $1.2 million. is a US and China-based company launched in 2009 with nearly 3 million Facebook followers. The fashion mogul is one of the top five clothing retailers on Amazon. News of the acquisition spread in business circles and everywhere. Indian tech entrepreneur Syed Sameer Ali, 31, who is the CEO of the Sameer Group, struck the deal with ModLily.

The website ( was sold to Sameer Group Pvt. Ltd through – the hugely popular online website marketplace for buying and selling websites. The business deal between the two giants – Sameer Group and ModLily is considered the biggest deal in Flippa’s history.

The deal was signed in February 2022 and soon after it started making headlines in the world of e-commerce and online entrepreneurs due to the colossal popularity of fashion website “ModLily”.

About Syed Sameer – the man behind Sameer Group Pvt. ltd

Born in Aligarh, India, Sameer moved to Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War when he was 2 years old. He developed a passion for computers very early on.

A self-taught programmer and web designer, he coded, designed and launched his first website by hand when he was just 11 years old. At 14, he started his own web design company, “CubeFlow Services”. At the age of 20, his company began receiving numerous web design accolades from industry leaders such as By the age of 25, Sameer had saved up to $150,000.

Goals for the future

He likes to take to the top. He wants to take the website to new global markets and also enjoys growing his family’s real estate business. Let’s wait to see how ModLily grows now with Sameer Group. It is certain that the fashion brand will reach great heights.

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