Biden-Harris administration calls for nominations for Wildfire Commission members


Members will recommend prevention and restoration strategies to address the national wildfire crisis

WASHINGTON — The Departments of Agriculture, Interior, and Homeland Security through FEMA are now accepting applications for members of the Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission.

President Biden’s bipartisan Infrastructure Act authorized the creation of the Wildfire Mitigation and Management Commission. Announced in December 2021, it will play a key role in recommending federal policies and strategies to more effectively prevent, mitigate, suppress and manage wildfires, including rehabilitating affected lands.

The commission seeks volunteer members from diverse backgrounds, with a particular emphasis on members who represent non-federal interests, as required by the bipartisan Infrastructure Act. Members will pledge to serve for the lifetime of the commission, which is estimated to be one and a half years, with the first meeting scheduled for late spring 2022.

The commission will prepare policy recommendations and submit them to Congress within one year of its first meeting. Members should expect to devote between 10 and 15 hours per month to committee duties, including attendance at meetings, strategic planning and reporting. The Departments of Agriculture, Interior, and Homeland Security, through FEMA, will provide support and resources to help members coordinate and facilitate their duties for the duration of the commission.

As required by law, nonfederal members will include state, local, tribal, territorial, and nongovernmental partners with experience in the prevention, mitigation, and management of wildfires and the interface between forest and the urban. Preference will be given to applicants from high wildfire risk areas and areas with a high level of interface between nature and urban areas.

In addition to establishing the commission, the bipartisan Infrastructure Act provides historic funding to address wildfire risk, including $8.25 billion for a suite of programs to reduce wildfire risk from forest, detecting wildfires, instituting firefighter workforce reforms and building more resilient infrastructure.

Membership applications must be submitted via the online form by 11:59 p.m. PST, March 25, 2022. To ensure the process is fair for all applicants, those who have already expressed interest in membership should still apply. via the online form.

For more information, visit the commission’s website or email [email protected]


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