Bid to build more than 120 homes on Sutton Bridge site turned down again – The Voice


A bid to build more than 120 houses on a site in Sutton Bridge has been rejected for the second time.

While a smaller site of 79 houses has already been adopted, developer Loyd Homes wants to build more on a larger area, part of which is outside what has been allocated for development under the local plan of the south and east Lincolnshire.

After previously refusing a planning application for 129 homes, last night South Holland District Council again refused another for 123 for a site adjacent to Nightingale Way, Granville Terrace, Withington Street and Chestnut Terrace.

Reasons for rejection included development partly on land outside of that which was to be built around the Sutton Bridge and the potential for flooding.

The plaintiff and the council’s planning department subsequently took legal advice and have conflicting arguments regarding flood risks.

“The proposal is considered to fail the sequential test because there are suitable alternative sites for residential development which are reasonably available and which are located in areas of low flood risk,” the report told the committee.

Councilor Jack Tyrrell, said the disparity between the claimant and the officers “doesn’t add up”. “I’m afraid we’re saying no to something that doesn’t hold up.”

But Councilor Roger Gamba-Jones said the policies were part of the South and East Lincolnshire Local Plan and the information and advice had not changed ‘substantially’ to undo what he said would be “the path of chaos”.

“It’s okay to say they made their own version, which in some ways contradicts the basis we’re working on, but we hear that over and over,” he continued.

“I think it’s a dangerous approach to argue with something like our own strategic flood assessment.”

Councilor Chris Brewis said he was happy to recommend turning it down and said planning officers were ‘absolutely there’.

Sutton Bridge Parish Council argued that the request would place ‘unsustainable vehicular pressure on the approach roads to Nightingale Way and Withington Street’.

A total of 23 objections were received, including issues with parking arrangements, flooding, shading, construction noise and increased pollution from future traffic.

“The local planning authority has acted positively and proactively in determining this request by weighing it against all material considerations, including national guidelines, planning policies and representations that have been made and received at during the public consultation exercise,” the report said.

“While it is accepted that 76 of the 123 proposed accommodations already have existing reserved question approvals, it has not been satisfactorily demonstrated that the additional accommodations offered are required at this location and it is not considered as a type of housing that requires a location in the countryside,” he adds.

“The negative environmental impacts/issues identified would outweigh the benefits,” the report said.


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