Award-winning mother-daughter tech duo lead the way for black women


Tech Awards Winners – Internet Marketing Agency Owners – Max Mobile Solutions

Founder and Internet Marketer Maxine Ebegbuzie |  Applied AI Specialist, Software and Web Developer Nwanneka Baraka

Founder and Internet Marketer Maxine Ebegbuzie | Applied AI Specialist, Software and Web Developer Nwanneka Baraka

Mother-daughter Powerhouse Tech Duo - Owners of Max Mobile Solutions

Mother-daughter Powerhouse Tech Duo – Owners of Max Mobile Solutions

This Canadian mother-daughter team at the forefront of all things internet marketing is made up of the first two black women to win the WETech awards.

Access to the digital world and online spaces has become vital for everyday tasks and necessities… It is more important than ever that the Internet and online spaces are accessible to everyone.

— Nwanneka Baraka

WINDSOR, ONTARIO, CANADA, November 2, 2022 / — With the current underrepresentation of black women in today’s world of digital marketing and technology, this black-owned company is bucking that trend and making its mark. Maxine Ebegbuzie and Nwanneka Baraka are an award-winning and revolutionary Canadian mother-daughter team that is at the forefront of all things internet marketing.

Together they built the eminently successful business Maximum mobile solutions, and both were recently honored at the 2022 WETech Alliance Tech Awards. Their company is known not only for launching brands and creating high-converting interactive websites, but also for helping businesses grow and achieve their goals consistently. Max’ mobile solutions business consultancy Services incorporate comprehensive business growth strategies including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, email marketing and automation, brand development, content creation , graphic design, lead generation, etc.

Maxine has been at the forefront of the media landscape for over 20 years, so it’s no surprise that she was honored with the title of Tech Woman of the Year 2022. It’s the first time a woman black receives this award and it is proof that she is using all of her experience to expand the narrative in the ever-improving and evolving global tech industry.

Maxine, a business consultant, web designer and search engine optimization specialist, has several degrees and certificates in her chosen fields, always driven by an insatiable appetite to make an impact from a young age. Ebegbuzie-Shelton is also a three-time award-winning radio host and producer with her Thursday Nite Jamz live show on CJAM radio. She was only 14 the day of her first show and now has over 28 years of expertise in capturing targeted audiences. This energy and passion to commit and deliver extraordinary work has now been passed on to his daughter Nwanneka.

At the age of 17, she is already an accomplished applied AI specialist, software/web developer and proficient programmer in several computer coding languages. She’s been coding for nearly a third of her young life and recently gained professional credentials through online certificate courses from IBM, the University of Michigan, and Johns Hopkins University. Nwanneka is also an artist and a poet, and for this inspiring collection of empowering skills, she also received the 2022 Tech Student/Young Professional of the Year award at the same WETech Alliance Tech Awards.

With multi-generational leadership and a wide range of skills at Max-Mobile Solutions, this forward-thinking, full-service Internet marketing, technology and public relations company has an edge over many in the field; helping companies dominate, convert and expand brand recognition and visibility worldwide!

Due to Maxine Ebegbuzie’s track record in advancing and building over 7 grassroots organizations and advancing multiple businesses utilizing her technology and marketing expertise, and significant community work over the past 2 decades , she won by a landslide in the votes of the community and the judging panel for the significant contributions she has made to the technology and general community at large. Maxine Ebegbuzie holds 2 degrees: a Bachelor of Education, a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma in Accounting with several professional specializations in Web Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Traditional Marketing, web accessibility, video production and graphic design. She exudes enthusiasm in everything she does. And is an experienced brand specialist, public relations representative, digital marketer and content creator who leverages AI and machine learning to ensure optimal results for all of her clients and projects.

This powerful duo has also made it a priority to hold the banner of inclusivity. From hosting seminars for business leaders on managing AI bias to encouraging businesses to make inclusive web platforms a top priority for potential customers with disabilities temporary and permanent, this duo and their team are determined to make a real impact. Ebegbuzie says, “We exist to make an impact, either as individuals or using my skills for good. Communities and families with disabled members are often overlooked by companies. We have seen a massive shift in the online world since the pandemic, making the web a major source for purchasing products and services. It is our duty as companies, as suppliers to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to engage with our brands. Many are unaware that the disposable income of these households is estimated at $13 trillion in the United States and $311 billion in Canada alone. In short, investing in this community benefits everyone!

Nwanneka, who leads the Web Accessibility Projects development team, said: “It is so important, now more than ever, that the Internet is accessible and that online spaces are available to everyone.

Combined with their unique and leading SEO services where 98% of their clients rank for multiple keywords on the first page of search engines within the first year locally, regionally, nationally and internationally, you can understand why their intuitive technology and creative branding agency is in high demand. They have specific teams of specialists designated to serve the cannabis, medical, justice, food, real estate and automotive industries, to name a few, and the distribution of premium press releases in 167 countries to the best news services, including TV and radio stations around the world. They help brands go from zero to hero in one aggressive campaign.

So no matter the industry, no matter the objective, the highly skilled duo of Maxine Ebegbuzie-Shelton and Nwanneka Baraka are the only choice for your marketing and media needs.

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