ASUU strike: Nigerian students must embrace manual labor


The ongoing strike instigated by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the federal government is indeed a nightmare for the future of students and, by extension, for the nation’s education sector.

While ASUU’s new four-week warning strike focuses on the Nigerian government’s refusal to implement the Memorandum of Action (MoU) that led to the suspension of its extended nine-month strike in 2020. This endless acrimony between the federal government and the students’ inability to study and scrambles their academic sessions.

Students from across the country and from different universities will return pell-mell to their various homes. Those who were engaged in business will continue where they left off, as will manual laborers.

Manual labor is one of the most reliable means of income in today’s global economy. Students can learn the following handicrafts: cell phone repair, shoe making and repair, makeup, web development, mobile app development, graphic design and graphic art, laptop repair, professional photography, baking (snacks, cake making), web design, painting, digital marketing, painting, electronic repairs (TV, radio, etc.), hairdressing, iron bending and panel beating, etc.

Umar Abubakar Mohammad

Mass Communication Department,

University of Maiduguri


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