Apple’s new iCloud UI is a web design treat


Apple’s iCloud website has been looking a bit long in the tooth for a while, with the blocky design resembling iOS versions of yesteryear. But Apple has finally revealed a new look for the platform – and there’s an online storm.

Clearly inspired by the new(ish) iOS widgets, the updated iCloud web design is available in beta and features full tiles with previews for various iCloud services including Mail, Photos, Pages, and more. (Looking for a new kit? Check out today’s best MacBook Pro deals.)

New iCloud web design

(Image credit: Apple)

The new design is available on (opens in a new tab). And apart from looking much more contemporary, it’s also impressively customizable – users can choose which apps appear on the homepage. While it’s unclear when the design will officially launch or even leave beta, early adopters are already loving it.

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Indeed, Apple fans have enjoyed many of the company’s bold new designs, including this hot pink iPad. But it’s not all been a success – the less said about macOS Ventura’s System Settings menu, the better.

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