Amy DeLashmutt named new director of communications


The Ames Community School District is thrilled to announce Amy DeLashmutt as the new Director of Communications. She is currently a Communications Specialist at Ames CSD, a position she has held since 2020.

DeLashmutt has 20 years of experience in communications and has held various positions in roles spanning everything from marketing to public relations, and copywriting to web design. In her current role, she has worked on the complete redesign of the Ames CSD website and has written numerous articles for Amazing Magazine. She led the development of the communication translation process and pioneered the use of Blackboard for mass messaging. DeLashmutt is actively working with building staff to align district-wide communication efforts.

Prior to joining the Ames CSD, DeLashmutt worked for Iowa State University for nearly 20 years. She not only has a strong background in communications, but also in event management and customer service. DeLashmutt is a twice-published children’s book author and a strong advocate for accessibility. She currently ensures that the District provides content and functionality on its website that meets the World Wide Web Consortium’s Level AA Web 2.0 Content Accessibility Guidelines.

DeLashmutt is a highly engaged professional who has both delivered and participated in various professional development opportunities. While at Iowa State, she taught training and development courses for staff working to improve their supervisory and communication skills. As a district, we are delighted to continue working with Ms. DeLashmutt and look forward to her leadership within the Ames Community School District. She officially takes office on August 15, 2022.


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