Alexa shuts down – who’s the better alternative to data? Similarweb and Alexa on competitive intelligence


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When it comes to online competitive intelligence, Similarweb and Alexa are the most influential companies. Most publishers, marketers, and business leaders have trusted Alexa for years. Similarweb, a competitive intelligence platform for start-ups, has grown rapidly over the past 10 years. This gives Alexa a run for its money in traffic data, web rankings, and other metrics. In 2021, Similarweb became the most used competitive intelligence platform, precipitating the shutdown of Alexa.

Competitive research is the backbone of any effective marketing plan. The strategy gives you a good overview of traffic trends and a significant competitive advantage. After understanding how your competition drives traffic, you can learn how to maximize your efforts, gain market share, and stay ahead of the pack to stay on top of the game.

Competitive research tools use scratching strategies to acquire data. Unfortunately, Alexa’s methodology is problematic because it doesn’t give the most accurate results. Similarweb is the only tool that sets itself apart by providing statistics based on real user research and traffic engagements to help you develop a comprehensive, data-driven marketing strategy.

Anonymized behavioral data is the most relevant and trusted of Similarweb’s unique data sources. This means Similarweb is the platform that exposes digital trends, shows what real users are looking for, and shows referral traffic.

With the Similarweb competitive intelligence platform, you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff. With it, you will have the factual information at your fingertips, allowing you to make sound decisions and improve your income.

Similarweb’s competitive search tool can do a lot of things that others cannot:

Easy identification of key keyword trends

You can assess how traffic is directed to any website using Similarweb. Best Websites ranking, based on actual clicks and searches by users, not just estimated click-through rates. Plus, you can use a range of filters to narrow your results and better focus on your query while conducting competitive research.

Discover new and trending keywords

Other search engine optimization tools cannot discover new and emerging keywords, but Similarweb can. To create a strong SEO campaign, you need to constantly change target keywords in response to changing events and fundamental Google algorithm upgrades.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, this was very evident. Similarweb data indicated that keywords were driving more traffic while other search tools failed to capture terms related to the coronavirus.

Similarweb’s keyword tools help you understand the performance of a specific keyword by comparing keyword search volume with click volume. It also determines paid and organic traffic – to target any phrase.

Similarweb further reveals the market size for the selected term, giving you a complete view of the competitive environment for any term.

Effectively uses real traffic information

Similarweb considers traffic analysis to be crucial because it reveals statistics of zero clicks, voice share and total traffic share, among others. Clickless searches are terms in which a search engine results page responds to a user’s search query directly on the page, no longer requiring clicks to get the information it needs. A no-click search meets the search intent on the search engine results page.

Marketers are well aware of Similarweb’s zero-click metric, which means they can improve their search engine optimization, pay-per-click, and search campaigns for terms that drive traffic on the market. website and user interaction.

Analyze keywords on a weekly basis

Similarweb provides weekly keyword analysis, revealing real-time trends and patterns relevant to your marketing plan. Weekly Campaign Optimization provides a regular snapshot of website traffic share for specific keywords.

It takes a look at the terms that have mainly drawn visitors to the site over the past 7 days. With Similarweb, you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get crucial competitive intelligence insights.


You can use Similarweb statistics to determine effective marketing channels and areas where you have room to expand. Additionally, you can craft and refine your plan to give your website a competitive advantage over your competition if you back up your marketing strategies with accurate and verifiable data.

Alexa meets your competitive intelligence requirements when you need a quick overview of your competitor’s overall popularity, web traffic, and user demographics. Unfortunately, it is in the process of shutting down, but luckily Similarweb’s competitive intelligence is growing rapidly and widely.

Similarweb is the ideal alternative for Alexa. It helps digital marketers and business experts who need real competitive intelligence to support their marketing strategies and the decision-making process.


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