A crane was used to rescue a man with a broken leg from the Long Beach Superblock site, official says


On Thursday, rescuers used a crane to lower a man with a broken leg into the beachfront construction project known as the Long Beach Superblock complex, according to a city spokesperson.

The man was rescued from one of the buildings under construction – five stories higher – and the operation involved fire department counterparts from Freeport, Rockville Center and North Bellmore, according to spokesman John McNally.

The man, whose name, age and occupation have not been disclosed, was stabilized, given painkillers, “then placed in a basket stretcher and removed to the ground using a crane on-site construction,” an email from McNally said. The man was transported by ambulance to Mount Sinai South Nassau Hospital in Oceanside in stable condition.

When complete, the Superblock complex will include 238 apartments and 200 oceanfront condominiums between Long Beach and Riverside Boulevards. Construction is expected to be completed by the end of 2024. The complex will ultimately consist of two nine-story buildings and one 10-story building. Plans include a private boardwalk-level pool, as well as 6,500 square feet of restaurant and commercial space.

Developer Engel Burman, of Jericho, was not immediately available for comment.

Gary Lewi, an outside spokesman for the developer, said the injured man was a construction worker and the incident happened on the fourth floor (concrete on the fifth floor is set to be poured tomorrow ).

“The work is continuing. There is a full time security inspection team on site, and this will obviously be reviewed by them. Lewi said eyewitnesses said the injury appeared to be an ankle injury and not a broken leg.

“If there’s a later diagnosis at the hospital, it’s really up to the hospital to determine that,” he said.


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