4EVERLAND — Seeking to end the cult of personality among


Singapore, Singapore, March 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Renowned founders and developers have become cryptosphere superstars; and their decisions and statements are avidly followed both by investors and, increasingly, by the media. This was evidenced in a Tweet on March 6, 2022, in which Lead Fantom Solutions Architect Anton Nell said that he and star developer Andre Cronje have decided to stop contributing to the Fantom Foundation, which is one of the most impactful DeFi and cryptocurrencies. spaces in the blockchain industry. Their decision means that 25 apps and related services the pair helped develop will cease operations on April 3, including well-known projects such as Yearn Finance, Keep3r Network, Multichain.xyz, Chainlist, Solidly and Bribe.crv. finances.

4EVERLAND — Seeking to end the cult of personality among Web3 developers

Similar projects like this keep popping up and driving the burgeoning Defi and NFT spaces as blockchain continues to develop. Blockchain developers have worked hard to solve inherent problems, such as the question of trust, which is solved by smart contracts; however, Anton Nell’s recent announcement raises the new issue of controlling the front-end of a project by an individual developer or organization. From the perspective of community users’ interests, the question is: how can they ensure the safety of their crypto assets after the project’s front-end service is shut down? Such a problem means that there is still a crucial problem with the current blockchain Web 3.0 paradigm: the front-end of most projects is still deployed by centralized cloud service providers and individual computer rooms such as AWS traditional. However, such a centralized licensing system and single-node data service model cannot meet the rapidly growing needs of Web3.0 users for security and freedom of service.

It is precisely for this reason that 4EVERLAND was born. 4EVERLAND is a blockchain-driven cloud computing platform designed for Web3.0, helping developers to develop Web3.0 applications efficiently. Its technical features include global acceleration, privacy protection and distributed storage; and 4EVERLAND aims to free Web 3 developers from the centralized model by providing a distributed, efficient, self-contained, and low-cost data hosting gateway based on the underlying IPFS and ETH technology. By doing so, users will gain access to globally accelerated, durable and stable network services with enhanced service performance security.

Additionally, at the application layer, 4EVERLAND provides its customers with products and protocols such as DWeb Hosting, Decentralized Gateways, Decentralized Domain Names, Digital Marketing Systems, and Data Services. It also helps developers quickly access Web3 0 to finally build a distributed network and Web3.0 infrastructure with global acceleration, privacy protection, and permanent links with IPFS. Thanks to its unique cryptography and specially designed business model, 4EVERLAND has deployed nodes all over the world. The cooperation of these global nodes achieves distributed storage of content and acceleration of global access; improves stability and reliability of IPFS data storage and gateway access efficiency; and meets a variety of commercial application scenarios. If IPFS is decentralized Hadoop, 4EVERLAND is decentralized AWS; and he started his mission with Dweb Hosting, Distributed Storage and Global Gateway Acceleration to gradually expand computing capabilities and ultimately help global developers achieve their product ideals efficiently and secure in the Web3.0 world.

The recent Nell-Cronje incident also exposed a new idea: by lowering the technical thresholds for deploying front-ends, users would know the heart of decentralization of setting up DAPP front-ends for themselves and decide whether to continue or to stop the service free of centralized controls.

To meet this important requirement, 4EVERLAND provides all users with a solution that does not require any programming or technical skills. In 4EVERLAND Hosting, users can choose an open-source template or front-end code from any project in the Fork, and quickly complete the deployment of a set of front-end code through a simple page click process, which can be completed in just 30 seconds. Open source is a simple and common aspect in the blockchain world, and as Anton Nell himself said, all the codes of the discontinued services are open source, and they encourage and welcome community users to deploy these services on their own, without centralized controls or limits.


4EVERLAND is a Web3.0 cloud computing platform that integrates storage, computing and core network capabilities. 4EVERLAND is committed to providing a distributed, highly efficient, self-contained, low-cost data hosting gateway that hopes to help the Internet transition smoothly from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 and become the infrastructure for millions of Web 3.0 developers. and nominations.

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  • 4EVERLAND — Seeking to end the cult of personality among Web3 developers


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