38 city government buildings are disability-friendly, says Chandigarh Adviser


As many as 38 government buildings have been made 100% accessible to people with disabilities, while efforts are being made to make others accessible to people with disabilities as well, UT Councilor Dharam Pal said.

The Department of Social Welfare, Women and Child Development, Administration of Chandigarh, organized a camp for the distribution of aids and appliances to Divyangjans (as part of the Disability Assistance Program for Purchase/Installation of Aids and Devices (ADIP) free of charge in association with Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO), the implementing agency of the scheme at Tagore Theatre, here on Wednesday.

No less than 600 aids and devices, including artificial limbs, motorized tricycles, wheelchairs, smart canes, smart phones, daisies, braille kits, etc., were distributed to 432 beneficiaries with multiple disabilities. Of these, 200 are residents of Chandigarh and others belong to neighboring areas.

Pal said efforts are being made to make all government and public buildings in the city 100% accessible to people with disabilities. In line with Indian government standards, 28 Chandigarh administration websites have been made 100% compliant with Indian Government Website Guidelines (GIGW) (Disability Friendly), it has been said.

The adviser appreciated the initiatives of the department of social protection for the improvement of the disabled, such as the financial assistance to 4,894 people, under the invalidity pension scheme. He also spoke about the 24/7 Women’s Helpline (free numbers 181 and 9915023456) which extend services to children and disabled people in need. A special Covid-19 vaccination camp in collaboration with the health service for people with disabilities has been organized.


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