16 Best Gifts Our Travel Writers Ever Received

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    Looking for the perfect gift for the travel lover on your list this year? Santa’s elves, uh…we mean The journey awaits you contributors… tell us about the best travel gifts they’ve ever received. Here are 16 great gifts for travelers.

    Photo prints on glass by fracture

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    “Fracture believes that moments are meant to be celebrated and stories should be shared. Isn’t that the purpose of life? A photo glass print of Fracture is the perfect gift for a traveler to showcase and commemorate their adventures. Available in multiple sizes, these high quality prints can be displayed on a desk, mantle, or hung as wall art. At these super affordable prices, you can easily take care of your Christmas list (and maybe treat yourself too)!” —Allison Weston

    humangear GoToob+ Refillable Silicone Travel Bottles with Locking Cap

    Buy now $23.49

    “It’s every traveler’s dream to carry only hand luggage. But it’s those pesky lotions and potions that thwart our efforts. I might have to use the hotel’s luxury shower gel, but I draw the line when it comes to shampoo and conditioner – I have to bring my own. And that’s why HumanGear GoToobs has changed the game. These squishy, ​​refillable bottles have been on the way with me ever since I bought them as a gift, for myself, at the Denver airport. I’ve since bought several sets for friends who were squeezing conditioner out of empty vitamin bottles. And at 3.4 ounces or 100ml, they meet international carry-on regulations. Yeah GoToobs!” —Shel Zolkewich

    FLIGHTF®D The travel water bottle

    Buy now $29

    “The FLIGHTF®D Travel Water Bottle and FLIGHTF®D Elixir of Flight make the perfect gift for jet-setters. For long flights, bring along this lightweight travel bottle with the Flight Elixir, which is a natural travel aid for those who fly a lot, like The journey awaits you readers. Mix it with water and drink one sachet before you leave and once every 4 hours during your flight. The megadose of travel-friendly ingredients are formulated to help reduce travel bloating, support circulation, replenish hydration, prevent jet lag and more. —Peggy Cleveland

    Digital luggage scale

    Buy now $11.99

    “I spend my life as a traveler on the luggage weight limit. I always pack my suitcase on the limit. I’m an over-packer – I like to have clothing options when I travel! I received a luggage scale digital as a Christmas present in 2021, and it changed my travel packing. Of course, weighing your suitcase at home isn’t too difficult, however, anywhere else is just a guess. I’m not a big fan of opening my checked bag at the counter trying to hit the weight limit and piling on layers of clothes which then have to be dealt with in the economy seat on my flight.With the portable luggage scale I know before to leave the hotel if I need to repack and move gear in my extra carry-on I love walking to the counter knowing my bag is within the weight limit – one less thing to stress about — Sandi Barrett

    STNKY bags

    Buy now $35

    “Wet, stinky, and gritty clothes can be a sign of a good time, but they’re also the nemesis of neat packing. That’s why I never travel without a wet bag or two. When we vacationed in Asbury Park on the Jersey Shore this summer, I picked up a brand new STNKY bag and our family’s Kanga Care 3D Dimensional Seam Sealed Wet Bags (which come in several sizes and adorable prints , hang well and open wide thanks to the unique “round” design). If you’re buying for a traveler who likes things smart and streamlined, I recommend the STNKY bags, which have a techno vibe and a very cool look. Everyone else (including children) needs their own Kanga Care bag.

    Pro tip: “Get into the habit of putting your wet bathing suit or bathing suit in a damp bag and hanging it up to try on when you get home (or home away from home). Swimsuit dryers are notorious for wreaking havoc on swimsuit fabric, and it’ll break the habit of reaching for single-use plastic bags provided by some clubs and resorts. —Linsey Stevens

    Baboon To The Moon Go-Bag Mini

    Buy now $169

    “Durable and waterproof, this well-designed bag in fun colors is the best new carry-on. Like a backpack but better, it opens like a suitcase so you can easily pack up for a weekend getaway or a plane trip and see all your stuff. TSA approved. Inside, you’ll also find fun prints. The bag exudes happiness. Comfortable shoulder straps make it easy to carry. Used it on a 3 day plane trip to California Russian River Valley from LA” – Melissa Curtin

    Fjallraven Travel Wallet

    Buy now $49.95

    “I love this wallet because it keeps all the essentials in one place. It’s great for holding passports, your phone and change. It’s lightweight and makes a great gift to help the traveler in your life keep their essentials I know I need it because I’m always looking for my documents or my money and this wallet helps store them in one place. —Jeanine Consoli

    Silk long underwear

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    “Silk long underwear is essential for any trip that isn’t tropical. It takes up very little room in a suitcase, doubles as pajamas, dries overnight and adds an extra layer and incredible warmth without the extra bulk. —Caro Stigger

    Women’s raincoat

    Buy now $40.88

    “I can’t travel without my best rain jacket! Whether I’m in New York or the mountains of Arizona, this compact and lightweight rain jacket always makes the trip with me. It is well made, has lots of pockets, a hood and a strong zipper. It’s a little big so I can layer underneath. The drawstring waist makes it fashionable, and it’s long so I wear it with leggings all the time. I love the olive green color that goes with everything, but there are a ton of other colors. —SJ Morgensen

    Blundstone Boots

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    “Getting a pair of classic Blundstone boots was my greatest travel gift! I wear them on all my trips and find them comfortable from morning to night, indoors and outdoors. They are nice and lightweight , while still being sturdy enough for walking and hiking, even in the rain or snow. I couldn’t think of a better gift for an active traveler who wants to be stylish and practical. I now want them in other places too. Colors —Judi Cohen

    Flipping Bling®

    Buy now $14.95

    “I like to travel only with hand luggage. Flipping Bling turns one pair of flip flops into multiple pairs of stylish shoes. From the catwalk to the boardwalk to high end restaurants and even a wedding, Flipping Bling lightened my load! Not for cold weather travel or hiking. —Caro Stigger

    Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Travel Tumbler

    Buy now $23.99

    “Do you have an eco-friendly friend or family member who loves the earth and Texas? You can’t go wrong giving a gift that someone on your list will love and use many times over. This stainless steel Texas tumbler with a laser etched design of Texas will keep coffee or cocoa hot and wine cold. Plus, ditch the straws because this tumbler comes with not one but two stainless steel straws and a straw cleaner. For a price of $24, you might want to pick up two – one as a gift and one for yourself. Available in several colors. —Kim Croissant

    Phone Lanyard Holder And Ring Grip

    Buy now $12.06

    “The silicone phone cord holder is great for travelers and people on the go. I love it because it allows me to keep my phone within easy reach without holding it in my hand. No more laying it down and walk away, etc. The extra strong lightweight silicone used in the phone holder provides a secure carrying solution to prevent drops The lanyard loops around your neck so that when taking pictures on a ledge or in a boat, etc., you don’t have to worry about dropping the phone.

    “I like this particular design because it stretches to fit almost any size phone and is very lightweight. The rotating finger ring doubles as a stand for your phone, so less gear to carry with you. you when you travel. The web design also provides a convenient credit card, cash and ID card holder. This would make a great Christmas gift for the traveler in your life. I received my phone cord in gift and I love it.I will be using it on future trips as well as when hiking, conferences and just about everywhere.” —Robin O’Neal Smith

    Gaiam Folding Travel Yoga Mat

    Buy now $24.99

    “I love my travel yoga mat which I bought as a gift for myself. It’s much more compact than a roll-up mat so it fits in my suitcase no problem. I’m much more likely to keep up with my practice daily yoga when I have a yoga mat with me. This mat comes in several different designs and is perfect for the yogi on your list! -Laura Ray

    Touchland Power Mist Hand Sanitizer

    Buy now

    “I received this gift, and it’s now a staple on every trip I take. Who knew hand sanitizer could be such a great gift? I love the delicate Citrus Grove scent. This little bottle contains 500 sprays and comes in the form of a moisturizing mist.Usually when traveling my hands are so dry from the frequent washing and drying of hand sanitizer gels.This is not the case with Touchland It hydrates without running or drying out.—Peggy Cleveland

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