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Why Is It So Great?

This is by far one of my favorite teeth whitening kits on the market today. There are literally hundreds of different brands of teeth whitening kits, but none of them compared to the quality that you receive from the mint cosmetics teeth whitening kit. One of the reason why this kid is so effective is the fact that it uses the maximum allowed hydrogen peroxide which is approximately 6%, according to the FDA. For those of you who aren’t aware, the most important ingredient in teeth whitening is hydrogen peroxide and every single dentist that performs teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide as their active bleaching agent. So there is practically no difference when using a teeth whitening kit as opposed to going to your dentist. The only differences are that dentist can use a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide in very rare cases. But because hydrogen peroxide is so potent it’s best to use no more than 6%, which will leave you would noticeably whiter teeth.

Now most people in the US probably have never heard of the mint cosmetics brand due to the fact that their headquarters are in the UK. Nonetheless they ship worldwide and they also provide free shipping to most countries as well. This alone should attest to the quality that the mint cosmetics brand provides to the any user. If you do a search online, you won’t find a single negative review about the mint cosmetics teeth whitening kit due to the fact that is simply works and it works very well. Some dentist in Europe even sale these whitening kits to their patients as a take-home solution:


The Most Effective Kit on The Market

This product is so potent and so effective that you’ll get a whiter smile just after the first application. The company gives you a full 30 day moneyback guarantee if you don’t see results within the first 30 minutes.

This kit is very well-made and very durable. Unlike the other teeth whitening kits on the market that seemed cheaply made, this teeth whitening kit seems to be made out of commercial grade material. What’s included in the kit is three syringes full of dentist grade hydrogen peroxide (which should last you quite a while), mouth guard molds (which is where you would apply the hydrogen peroxide), an instructional DVD which teaches you the whitening process from beginning to end so that you get consistent results. To me that’s one of the things that separates this kit from other teeth whitening kits due to the fact that I don’t know of any other teeth whitening kit on the market that comes with an instructional DVD. This alone should show you that the mint cosmetics brand goes above and beyond to educate their users on how to effectively use their product to get the best results. The also include a free teeth whitening pen which is great for touchups when you’re on the go.





This kit comes with everything you need to get a whiter and brighter smile. All you have to do is just make sure that you follow all the instructions carefully.

How Do I Know It Works?


As you can tell from my photos above the results are simply astounding, and these results were achieved after just two applications. But with that being said, I obviously don’t expect you to take my word for it. If you read my other reviews about teeth whitening products, you’ll know that I shed no mercy and provide 100% truthful reviews. All my reviews are backed up by evidence proving as to why I came up with that conclusion be positive or negative. One thing I usually do is take screenshots from websites like Amazon and post them here so you can see what users are saying about the product but due to the fact that this product being relatively new and is currently not listed on Amazon I’m unable to do that.

I was able to find a review from a well-known blogger in the UK by the name of Gigi who was the owner of the website gigikkitchen.com and you can read her review by following the link below:

Reviewed By Allure & New Beauty Magazine

Also this product has been reviewed by New Beauty and Allure Magazine, which had nothing but positive things to say about them. You can read the reviews below:


Nothing But Positive Reviews

From what I’ve been told these are not paid reviews and the reviews were at the total discretion of the reviewer so they could have left positive or negative comments. Again, this product works so you don’t have to worry about wasting your money. Just give it a try for 30 days and if is not for you, simply return it back and you’ll get a full refund.

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