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Probiotics have many benefits but one thing people fail to mention is studies show most probiotics don’t work and can even be harmful. Why? because supplements are not monitored by the FDA, since no one is monitoring what’s actually going into your probiotics or if the bacteria in your probiotics is still good after you purchased them.

You have to remember that probiotics are still bacteria and good bacteria can (and often do) go bad causing you more harm than good in the long run. Depending on where you buy them from and how they are stored also play a huge factor.

For example, buying your probiotics from Amazon is not such a good idea because Amazon usually stores them in their hot warehouse for weeks, sometimes months. This will either kill the good bacteria or cause them to turn bad. This applies to both refrigerated and non-refrigerated probiotics.

A new company out of Malibu, CA called Energy Biotics has created a solution to this problem.

By creating what is considered to be “intelligent probiotic” and there is one side effect that has a lot of women & men are excited about, it also gets rid of excess fat!

The good bacteria found in Nutrapal is not affected by heat or cold which makes it one of the strongest probiotics you can purchase.

Nutrapal is the only probiotic that balances your good bacteria and also tackles your excessive fat that your body is storing all at the same time.

It does all of this in a matter of 7 days without any reported side effects due to the fact that it’s 100% natural without any chemicals or drugs.

One woman (Linda Moralez) who posted her before and after pics on Facebook claimed she wanted to see if it was BS or not and decided to test for herself. She decided to take 1 pill every day for 30 days without changing her diet or exercising (as this would skew the results) just to see how effective the pills are, and well… you be the judge:

Nutrapal has been proven to

  1. Burn Pounds of Fat
  2. Multiple Good Bacteria
  3. Prevent Good Bacteria Death

Officially making Nutrapal the worlds best probiotic which is why multiple pharmacies & stores will be carrying it by the year 2020.

Until then the only way to purchase is through their website. They currently have a sale which ends on *date* when you can purchase it for just $11.98

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