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Idol white is a teeth whitening pen which allegedly whitens your teeth on the go without much of a hassle. Truth of the matter is idol white is no different from any other teeth whitening pen, meaning it doesn’t work for the most part, or should I say not as you would expect. The whole concept of a teeth whitening pen was that it would be great for last-minute touchups and not good for actually whitening your whole mouth. This is why a lot of teeth whitening pens tend to get a lot of negative reviews due to the fact that a lot of people expect phenomenal results when in fact teeth whitening pens were never designed for such things. They’re only good for touchup purposes.

With that being said, I must say that idol white is an overall crappy product. There are a lot of better whitening pens that you can purchase which delivers great results and idol white isn’t one of them. One of the teeth whitening pens that I recommend you check out is the mint cosmetics teeth whitening pen. It’s great for last-minute touchups. If you’re looking for a solution to whiten your whole mouth, I suggest you take a look at the mint cosmetics teeth whitening kit which was made for that very purpose. This kit contains 4 6% hydrogen peroxide gels (same thing that dentist use), custom mouth trays, a free teeth whitening pen, as well as an instructional DVD.

Now with that being said, the reason why I don’t recommend idol white teeth whitening pen is due to the fact that it simply doesn’t work, and also because it has tons of negative reviews which you can read below. The screen capture you see below was taken directly from Amazon:

Idol White Scam Reviews 1 Idol White Scam Reviews 2

The Amazon Reviews Speaks for Itself

This product only received 1 to 2 stars at the very most, which lets you know that people don’t think highly of this product. Now I can tell you why people don’t see results with teeth whitening pen such as idol white, the reason why is because this product doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the only known ingredients which actually gets your teeth significantly whiter. Without hydrogen peroxide any product you purchase will simply be a waste of money. That goes for any teeth whitening product not just idol white.

This product simply sucks despite the fact that it was endorsed by Kim Kardashian and her sisters. This is why I always tell people to never buy a product based off of a celebrity’s endorsement because 99% of the time they are simply being paid to endorse a product and a have no clue on whether or not the product even works.

Cannot Find Website

Another red flag about this product is that it’s extremely difficult to even find the company’s website on Google. If you know anything about the Internet, then you’ll know that when you type in a company’s name or their product the first thing that comes up is the company’s website. Now, there can be numerous reasons why a website will not show up in Google but one of the main reasons is either the website has done something to violate Google’s terms of service (like scamming people) or if enough people isn’t sharing the website (which is indication of lack of popularity), then Google might not list their website in their search results. Either way it’s not a good sign.

Cannot Find Address


If that wasn’t enough, something else that caught my attention is that if you check the contact information you’ll notice that you don’t see any address as to where the company is located. This again is another major red flag because every legitimate company should have an address listed on their website. In my honest opinion the only reason why a company wouldn’t want their address listed is if they’re participating in shady practices and are trying to limit their exposure as much as possible.

Also their contact number, I decided to call it and it redirect me to a call center in some other country I couldn’t really pinpoint which one. I asked him about their product and the person that answered the phone seem clueless as if they didn’t know that their company sold the product.

More Proof That This Company Is a Scam

Now one thing I would like to clarify is that idol white is not the name of the company, it simply the name of the brand. The parent company is called “health buy” which owns the idol white brand. Now I don’t know if they purchased the idol white name or if they’re even the original creators but one thing I do know is that all there are numerous complaints about this company. You can read the complaints for yourself:



A lot of people got scammed out of hundreds of dollars because the company “health buy” does what’s known as auto rebill. Meaning once they get your credit card number they continuously charge you for the product whether you want it or not and they make it extremely difficult for you to cancel. This has led to a lot of people having to cancel their credit cards and even sue the company. So I highly recommend that if you are planning to purchase any product that happens to be owned by the company Health Buy, you do so at your own risk. There are plenty of trustworthy manufacturers out there that have great products and great support and unfortunately Health Buy isn’t one of them.

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