Pharmaceutical Companies Are Fighting To Ban This One Powerful Sleep Aid

There is a fight going on in Washington where Pharmaceutical companies are trying their hardest to ban this powerful sleep aid made by a Harvard Docotor (Dr. Thomas Burg).

What’s so special about this sleep aid? It’s the first (and currently the only) sleep aid that naturally restores your sleeping cycle back to normal so that you no longer need sleep aids to fall asleep in the future.

How does it do it? By using a process called “hormone re-balancing”, studies show that people who have sleeping issues have imbalanced hormones. Meaning if you have trouble sleeping, you have either too much estrogen or too little estrogen. This is the case for both male and female.

Xenoestrogen is a type of bad synthetic estrogen we come across in our daily lives, it’s in our air, it’s in our food, laundry detergent, you name it. The body can’t tell the difference and therefore stores it as if it’s real estrogen when it’s actually not.

Having too much estrogen is linked to thyroid problems, breast cancer issues, low testosterone in men, etc… There is a list of over 100+ serious illnesses caused by “Estrogen Dominance”.

Dr.Burg (as pictured below) was able to develop a patented all natural formula which fixes this issue.

Dr.Thomas Burg (Harvard Alumni)

Several test have been conducted which not only show that Dr.Burg’s formula was able to help get rid of peoples sleeping issues, it did so without any side-effects.

As you could imagine drug companies were not happy with this. Sleep aid’s is a multi-billion dollar market and if more people started using Dr.Burg’s formula, sleep aid’s sales would drop considerably.

Some of the largest pharmaceutical companies have now begun lobbying in Washington to try to make changes in our current laws so that people can only purchase sleep aid’s from them.

Dentist have tried similar strategies in 2005 to ban the set-up of teeth whitening kiosk (North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners v. Federal Trade Commission) but lucky the FTC shut the case down.

If you or someone you know who has sleeping issues, I would highly recommend that you try Dr.Burg’s Formula before it possibly becomes unavailable in the coming days or weeks:

Dr.Thomas Burg’s Formula

Some report suggest that after taking the formula for 73 days, the patients no longer needed to take his formula as their normal sleep cycle was restored by then.

As you could imagine, this can save you a lot of money in the long run.

So even if the Pharmaceutical companies succeed in their lobbying efforts, at least you’ll be able to get your sleeping issue taken care of before that happens and Dr.Burg formula is not sold anymore.

To check if Dr.Burg’s formula is still available, click the green button below:

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  • Lilly Parker
    Lilly Parker says:

    Dr.Thomas is a great man, I’ve met him personally. I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks and I can vouch that there is nothing like it currently on the market!

    It pisses me off when large corporations such as the Pharmaceutical industry tries to bully Doctors who honestly just want to help people.

  • Annie
    Annie says:

    For whatever reason, this doesn’t surprise me. The pharmaceutical companies are the reason why so many people are addicted to drugs.

  • Lisa W
    Lisa W says:

    I’ve used Dr.Burgs Formula for about 6 months and I can confirm that his product is simply amazing.

    For one, I no longer have to take his formula as my sleep cycle is back to normal and I am 100% positive it’s because of his formula.

    The second thing is I had hyperthyroidism (due to too much estrogen) and when I went to see my doctor he noticed that my estrogen levels went back to normal.

    If you have sleeping issues, I cannot recommend this enough!

  • Emma Crowe
    Emma Crowe says:

    Well, that sucks… I hope everything goes well for him.

  • Chantell Palmer
    Chantell Palmer says:

    From personal experience from using Dr.Burg’s formula, my docotor notice a huge improvement in my Adrenal Gland.

    I also noticed the improvement because I never had trouble falling asleep but I did have trouble staying asleep buy once I started using Dr.Burg’s formula I’m able to get a full 6-8 hours of undistributed sleep.

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