New Study Shows Which Sleep Aid May Gets Rid Of Insomnia Forever!

You wanna know one thing 99% all sleep aid have in common? None of them are designed to get rid of your insomnia. Why you ask?

Well according to in 2017 sleep aids raked in $28.6 billion dollars and by 2023 it’s estimated to bring in $101.9 billion dollars. So there is 0 incentive in helping you with your insomnia problem simply because it’s way more profitable to keep you the way you are.

Even though drug store sleep aids do work, there is increasing evidence suggesting drug store sleep aids are making your sleep worse on purpose. As a matter of fact, Harvard Health Publishing published multiple articles regarding this issue in 2018

One particular article titled: “Drugstore sleep aids may bring more risks than benefits” states the following:

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) in 2017 officially recommended against treating chronic insomnia with common over-the-counter antihistamine and analgesic sleep aids since there is not enough evidence that they are effective or safe. “And there are definite concerns about their risks,” says Dr. Suzanne Bertisch, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

So You’re Paying To Get Sick!

So yea, by using store brought sleep aids, you’re literally paying drug companies to make your sleeping problem worse over time and it’s not a coincidence. Billions of dollars are at stake!

CBS recently also did a news report about over the counter sleep aids and long term effects:

So over the counter sleep aids can (and often do) cause following overtime:

  • Impairs your memory
  • Require you to take higher doses over time to achieve the same effect.
  • You may (and often do) become addicted to the point where you can never sleep without them.
  • Diphenhydraminee (which is found in all sleep aids) also blocks a brain chemical in women over the age of 40 called “acetylcholine”, which plays a big role in attention and short-term memory.
  • Taking diphenhydramine over a long period of time can actually predispose people to dementia.
  • Effects you quality of sleep (for example, sleeping 2-3 hours as opposed to 8 hours).

Also, if you do the math, you’re paying $7.99 a month on a pack of sleep aids, which is $95.88 a year and in 10-years that’s $958.80 and you’ll pay this for the rest of your life!

Or maybe not?

New Evidence Suggest You Can Knock-Out Your Insomnia Permanently

A recent study done with over 4,000 women with ages between 30-72 who were given Whole Greens CBD Oil for 3 months saw a complete reversal in their insomnia & overall sleep issues.

The study was started in late March of 2017, when the researchers followed up with the women, they were surprised to find that 75% of the women who used Whole Greens CBD Oil for 3 months no longer needed sleep aids nor did they need to continue taking Whole Greens CBD Oil.

Women who used it for less than 3 months did NOT have the same result which suggest that you MUST use it for at least 3 months to get the full benefit.

Dr.Oz even did a segment about CBD and how it can help you in more ways than you know, not just with sleeping issues:

As illustrated in the video by Dr.Todd Cooperman who has tested 1000s of CBD products, not all CBD products are the same. The results the women got in the insomnia study only worked when the women were given Whole Greens CBD Oil.

Researchers had a separate group of women who were given other brands but the results were not the same. The reason why is every company that sells CBD, has its own proprietary formula. So the results that you get form one brand of CBD formula, you won’t get from another.

This explains why if you used CBD in the past and did not see results, it most likely comes down to the brand you were using.

Based on the studies Whole Greens CBD was the only CBD product with the potential to:

  1. Eliminate Your Insomnia
  2. Eliminate Inadequate Sleep
  3. Eliminate Side Effects

Whole Greens CBD is used by hundreds of thousands of people who swear by it due to its effect with not only getting rid of your insomnia but for other issues as well.

Here are a few videos of people sharing their experience:



Lindsay & Dan

Try It For Free

Whole Greens CBD has a deal going on from 3/3/2019 – 3/7/2019 where they’ll send you a 2-week free bottle all you have to do is pay $5.95 for shipping.

Just follow the instructions below:

  1. Click on the green button below.
  2. Fill out the form on their website
  3. Proceed to make the $5.95 payment.

Thats it!

After the 2-weeks, you won’t have to do anything and they’ll send you a 30 day supply for $79 each month. Or you call them and cancel and you won’t be charged anything besides the $5.95.

Just remember, if you’re taking it because you want to get rid of your insomnia without having to keep purchasing over the counter sleeping pills then you MUST use it for 3 months as shown in the study.

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