New Sleep Aid Re-Trains Your Body On How To Sleep Naturally So That You No Longer Need Sleeping Pills In The Future

It seems like there is good news for those who are having sleeping issues. A team of doctors created the first and only pill which restores your natural sleeping ability.

Getting adequate sleep is of the utmost importance but studies show that 90% of sleeping medication does not work for most people but a team of 5 doctors (2 of which are Harvard graduates) were able to change that.

We spoke with Dr.Thomas Burg who was one of the 5 doctors who developed this product.

Dr.Thomas Burg (Harvard Alumni)

“Our product is currently the first and only product on the market that restores your natural sleeping function. So what this means is, as you take the pills your body may naturally regain the ability to create melatonin to the point were you will no longer need to take our product”

There Is No Safer Medication Currently Available

We also asked Dr.Burg why did he choose to create a natural medication instead of a drug like most docotors/pharmacy’s and he told us:

“There are several reasons why, the main reason is America has a serious drug problem. 1 out of 16 people is addicted to drugs including sleeping medication.”

“We want our patients to get better, NOT to become drug addicts so this is why me and my colleagues decided to create a natural product instead of a drug.

“Drugs only cover the underlying issue. We wanted to develop something to permanatly fix the underlying issue so that patients will not be dependent/reliant on our product.”

The product is called “Nutri Sleep PM” :

It’s 100% natural without any type of harmful ingredients. It consist mainly of:

  • Ashwagandha
  • Valerian Root
  • Hops
  • Chamomile

As well as other proprietary ingredients in this formulation that Dr.Burg and his colleges have patented.

How To Order?

Unfortunately Nutri Sleep PM is usually out of stock due to several factors, one reason being some of the ingredients are simply not available year round. For example, “Passionflower” is only available from mid summer until fall.

We asked Dr.Burg and he informed us that they will be accepting order from Dec.3.2018Jan.30.2019. After which, you’ll have to wait until June.26.2019 (which is next summer) to place an order.

They have a 180-Day Money Back Guarantee policy so you literally have nothing to lose. He stands behind his product because there litterally is nothing else like it on the market!

To check availability, click the green button below:

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  • Lilly Parker
    Lilly Parker says:

    Dr.Thomas is a great man, I’ve met him personally. I’ve been using this product for about 2 weeks and I can vouch that there is nothing like it currently on the market!

    It pisses me off when large corporations such as the Pharmaceutical industry tries to bully Doctors who honestly just want to help people.

  • Annie
    Annie says:

    For whatever reason, this doesn’t surprise me. The pharmaceutical companies are the reason why so many people are addicted to drugs.

  • Lisa W
    Lisa W says:

    I’ve used Dr.Burgs Formula for about 6 months and I can confirm that his product is simply amazing.

    For one, I no longer have to take his formula as my sleep cycle is back to normal and I am 100% positive it’s because of his formula.

    The second thing is I had hyperthyroidism (due to too much estrogen) and when I went to see my doctor he noticed that my estrogen levels went back to normal.

    If you have sleeping issues, I cannot recommend this enough!

  • Emma Crowe
    Emma Crowe says:

    Well, that sucks… I hope everything goes well for him.

  • Chantell Palmer
    Chantell Palmer says:

    From personal experience from using Dr.Burg’s formula, my docotor notice a huge improvement in my Adrenal Gland.

    I also noticed the improvement because I never had trouble falling asleep but I did have trouble staying asleep buy once I started using Dr.Burg’s formula I’m able to get a full 6-8 hours of undistributed sleep.

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