New Service Helped 74-Year Old Woman Alleviate 6-Years Of Rheumatoid Arthritis Pain

“It literally felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (or should I say my hands).”

That’s the words 74 year old Arlene Beaulieu uttered when we interviewed her about a new service she used which is the first of it’s kind and brings new hope to arthritis patients.

“As my doctor said, arthritis is something you need to start treatment right away or face serious consequences later on. I’ve been prescribed 8 different medical creams by my doctor but none of them really worked as well as I would hope so he then recommends I try a “compound medication” which is currently only offered by the  American Pain and Mobility Institute”.

The (American Pain and Mobility Institute) has created a service which creates custom prescription arthritis pain creams specifically for you and your needs. For example, they collect information such as your age, how much pain you’re in, are you allergic to any medications, what are the specific areas of pain, etc…

They can then provide you with medication that is 5x-10x stronger than anything you can pick-up over the counter or from most doctors, and if you’re still in pain, they can create something even much stronger, and the best part is, it’s covered by all insurance plans (except Medicare/Medicaid) so there is little to no cost to you.

This process is called “compounded medication” and, this is when multiple physicians/doctors team up and create a prescription for your specific needs and then sends it to a pharmacy and have them create it just for you.

Here is a video of how Arlene’s medication was made:

We asked Arlene how did the new compounded prescription work for her and she told us:

“Once they notified me when it was ready, I picked up my prescription at my local pharmacy, the first compound was no better than the ones my doctor prescribed me. So I called them and let them know and they created a new stronger compound and that did the trick, it was like instant relief once I applied it.”

How To Try It Out For Yourself?

If you are suffering from any form of Arthritis we highly recommend you give this service a try. There is no credit card required since it’s all handled through your insurance company so there is little to no out of pocket cost for you. All medications are formulated for you by a licensed doctor and can be picked up at your local pharmacy.

To get started please follow these 4 steps:

  1. Click on the green button below.
  2. You will be asked to enter your Name, Email & Mobile Phone number.
  3. You will then immediately receive a text with a verification link.
  4. After clicking the confirmation link in the text, you will then receive a call from their customer service staff who will help formulate a custom plan for your pain level and location as well as any other needs or request.


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  • Corrine Chance
    Corrine Chance says:

    Very cool, will definitely give them a try!

  • Catherine
    Catherine says:

    I’ve used them before and still do. Compound medication is the future!

  • Annie
    Annie says:

    As a user I can defiantly say it’s a great service. Glad to see more people using compound medication. It’s safe and more effective.

  • Janis Peachey
    Janis Peachey says:

    As a MED student I can tell you now, compound medication is being used by more and more people.

    For those of you who don’t know compound medication is essentially another way of saying “custom medication”.

    This is great as it allow people who allergic to certain things or has certain genes, etc.. can basically get medication that works solely for them

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