Learn From My Mistakes & My Success With DHT Blockers

Do NOT Purchase DHT Blockers From Amazon!

First thing’s first, I thought I should just warn you about NOT trusting the reviews on amazon. I had to learn the hard way after spending around $300 that the vast majority of the reviews are fake. I made a video showing 100% proof.


Don’t Get Scammed

I don’t know that the hell happened to amazon but it seems that there are a lot of people selling DHT Blockers with fake reviews which explains why NONE of them worked for me!

I’ve tried all the top brands on amazon:

Vie Naturelle Hair, Ultrax Labs Hair Rush, DasGro Hair Growth Vitamins

To be honest it’s far too many to list and NONE of them worked. After browsing through the reviews I finally realized why:

This is why I made the video after reading this comment.

I spent around $300 dollars trying these DHT blockers and it did nothing for me. To make matters worse, 95% of these so called “DHT Blockers” companies on Amazon don’t accept refunds so if the product you purchase doesn’t work, you’re screwed.

DHT Blocker Shampoo & Routine I Use

So here’s what I do personally:

Step 1: I use Amplixin DHT Blocker (click here) – Currently on sale from May 11 – June 12

Step 2: I use a good potent MSM Sulfur (click here) – I take around 3000 mg a day of the powdered form.

Step 3: I also use Har Vokse (click here)

This is the outcome I got from follow this exact regimen for 8 weeks without missing a day (Also, I wore the same shirt so you can tell that it’s me in the after photo):

I know these products are not cheap but out of all the products I’ve tested, this combination is what worked for me. By no means am I saying you’ll get the same results since everyone’s hair is different but the 3 products I listed above all have 60 day refund policy’s so it’s worth a try because if all else fails you’ll get your money back.



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