How To Permanently Got Rid Of Insomnia & Addiction To Sleep Medication

So in August of last year, I had to be submitted to a hospital due to the fact I tried to commit suicide because my Insomnia had gotten progressively worse and I developed (Stage 2 Psychosis) also known as the “Acute Phase” and I just couldn’t handle it mentally anymore which lead me to try to take my own life.

After Being Admitted

If not for my husband I’m pretty sure I would have died that morning. And if anyone reading this is thinking about doing the same thing PLEASE GET HELP. Here is the number to a suicide prevention hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Psychosis does not run in my family and according to my doctor it was caused by years of poor sleep.

Here Is How I Made It to This Point

I started to experience insomnia at the age of 27 (I’m 54 as of this writing), for the first few years I didn’t think anything of it, I simply thought it was due to me getting older or maybe even stress at work (which did play a factor).

So after about 10 years I just dealt with it using over the counter medications which worked fine. By the time I turned 50, since I had been using sleeping aids for so long my body developed an immunity to them and they lost their effectiveness.

I went on youtube to try and find a natural remedy and I literally went through all the videos and I spent a month trying different approaches and some of them did work to a certain extent but it wasn’t consistent enough.

So I told my doctor that the over the counter sleep aids seems to not be working as good as it used to. He prescribed me Ambien which worked for a little while but the same thing happened, over time it started to work less and less.

This is Where My Addiction Started

So I started to take more and more Amben because I just wasn’t feeling sleepy after taking them (which I now know was a very bad idea).

Amben is in a drug class called “Benzodiazepines” which is HIGHLY addictive (I did not know this at the time). Even though it was not effective at helping me sleep anymore, I couldn’t stop taking them because the moment I did I would become terribly ill.

I spoke to my doctor and he suggested I check myself into rehab. So for 6-Months I had to take time off work and even though I’m not a drug addict by choice, it’s hard not to feel judged when you have to tell your boss that you need to take time off of work to check into rehab due to sleep medication.

Now because of my insomnia I could not just check into a regular rehab I had to enter what’s known as a “sedative rehab”. where medical professionals put you to sleep for most of the day via injection.

Now unfortunately me, my husband, daughter & my 6 year old grandson lived in *city* and there are no sedative rehab centers so we had to take a flight to Northen California to a rehab center in Nappa Vally.

My 6 Year Old Grandson Enjoying Himself on The Plane Ride To Northern California

So fast forward, 6-Months go by and I successfully (thank god) kicked the Amben habit.

But Things Got Worse

Even though I was no longer addicted to Amben, I still faced the original problem of chrnoic insomnia and I got so frustrated (and delusional) that I tried to take my own life. For those of you in doubt, here is a video that my neighbor recorded when the ambulance came that morning:

While at the hospital I met a doctor by the name of “Dr.Thomas Burg” who preformed multiple clinical trials on patients suffering from chronic insomnia.

He is also a Harvard Alumni and is one of the top experts in the world when it comes to treating chronic insomnia.

His Suggestion Is What Got Rid Of My Insomnia

After speaking with Dr.Burg he gave me some insight on what might help me.

Dr.Thomas Burg

He said that after doing several trials, there is nothing better at treating insomnia than CBD oil. But there is only one type that works, he said that the it had to be made from Kentucky Hemp which can only be found at The Orange Grove.

Orange Grove is the only company that develops real Kentucky Hemp CBD Oil. Dr.Burg stated that other CBD oils just doesn’t work, they’ve tried various brands but orange groves Kentucky Hemp were the only one that showed profound results.

For those of you don’t know CBD oil comes from marijuana hemp but just to be clear, it does NOT get you high, it’s NOT a drug. CBD can be given safely to children and has been administered to children & adults undergoing chemotherapy & Ecepalepcy.

Also, unlike marijuana, CBD is legal in all 50 states. You can even buy it at Walmart but unfortunately, Walmart (or any other store) doesn’t carry Kentucky Hemp CBD Oil.

He happend to have a bottle which he gave me, I took 2 droppers full and honest to god, I did not know I fell asleep until I woke up the next morning. This stuff is very powerful and at the same time very safe as I didn’t notice any side effects now.

Another thing that’s specific to Kentuck Hemp is the fact that over time, it eliminates your need to take it. Meaning after using it for a while, you might not need it anymore (which is fantastic).

Currently, I still use it every night (only for joint pain now, not for sleep anymore) and don’t plan on stopping (it also does wonders for both my anxiety & joint pain) but if you have sleep issues, take it from me you won’t find anything better.T

Here is a link to Orange Groves website: http://orangegrovelabs.comS


  • Annie
    Annie says:

    Wow kelly, didn’t know you went through all that. Glad you’re ok now.

  • Emma Hall
    Emma Hall says:

    Very true kelly, insomnia can be subtle for some people or get progressively worse for others, it all depends on the person. Luckly I don’t suffer from insomnia but I feel sorry for the people who do.

  • Catherine
    Catherine says:

    Hi Kelly, so are you saying you didn’t get ANY sleep or did you get very little sleep?

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      Yep, totally agree. Woman are at higher risk of developing anxiety at some point in their lives. Not only that but they develop it earlier than men do.

      • Kelly
        Kelly says:

        Yes it is very powerful, as someone who has used multiple sleep aids/medications, it’s funny how a plant that grows out of the grand is more powerful than what a pharmaceutical company can create in a lab.

        • Kelly
          Kelly says:

          Yea but in my case, I think it had to be more than anxiety. Correct me if I’m wrong but anxiety doesn’t make you stay up for 5 days. I think (and this is just a wild guess) that it was multiple issues such as high estrogen (which I do have), anxiety (which I do have), joint pain, etc… I think it was the body’s way of crying for help but honestly, I really don’t know.

  • Jodi Belair
    Jodi Belair says:

    I can vouch on the effects of Kentucky hemp cbd, the stuff is like horse tranquilizer, as soon as you take it, it’s night night 😂

    But all jokes aside, glad you didn’t go through with it. You have a much bigger purpose (as well as anyone else reading this).

    At least their is a solution.

  • Corrine Chance
    Corrine Chance says:

    I think the reason why CBD might have help you is it works wonders on anxiety and the number one cause of insomnia is anxiety.

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      Some day’s I would get 1-2 hours of sleep and rarely (and I mean rarely) I’ll get 4-5 hours of sleep. I even went as far as 5 consecutive days without sleep, trust me when I say that my insomnia was REALLY bad. Till this day my doctor still doesn’t know why my insomnia got so bad but since I started taking CBD I’ve gotten a consistent 6-8 hours of sleep, haven’t missed a single night of sleep since I started taking it.

  • Avatar
    Christina says:

    Thanks for the information! Goodness, I have been on sleep medication for the last 20 years non-stop. Sometimes it knocks me out, sometimes it’s as if I had not taken anything at all. (But I have multiple issues going on at once.) Unfortunately, both my 25 yo son and my 13 yo daughter both have “inherited” my insomnia. My son smokes CBD (not entirely sure it’s actually for insomnia and anxiety, or possibly just the desire to smoke weed), but it doesn’t always work. And my daughter has tried most of the prescription sleep aids that are safe for children, and they still don’t work. I’ll have to try this CBD to see how we all do with it.

    And, thanks for sharing your story and talking about your suicide attempt. I appreciate you posting the suicide hotline. Not enough people know that number and end up not getting help. I know how things can get so overwhelming that suicide seems the only option. I’m glad things worked out like they did for you!!

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      Hi Christina,

      You are very welcome and that you for taking the time to comment. I know what some people are going through so hopefully, I can share my situation in hopes of helping someone else who might be going through something similar. This is worth a try since I’ve tried multiple different brands but nothing works as good as Kentucky Hemp based products.

  • Avatar
    Jody Johnston says:

    Coming off methadone can’t sleep

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      I recommend you contact them, they have awesome support which should help you get sorted out with the bests solution for you.

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