Special Multi-Vitamins Formula Allows A Womans German Shepherd To Live Much Longer Than Expected!

“No one want’s to hear bad news about their pet but when the vet told us our 9-year old german shepherd Bruce would most likely die in a few months, we were absolutely devastated”

An Ohio woman (Linda Thomas) was given some devastating news in 2016 by her vet after she found out that her German Sheppard Bruce would most likely not be around for much longer. Bruce was suffering from old age as well as from multiple health issues which are common with german shepherds breeds.

“Every issue you could think of Bruce either had it or was developing it. He doesn’t run anymore, fetches, or anything!”

Over the years, indiscriminate breeding practices have lead to hereditary diseases when it comes to German shepherds. As many vets believe, It’s not a matter of “if my dog has an issue” but more of a “when my dog has an issue”.

Fast forward to a few months, Linda got a message from a company called “Pet Bounce” who read Linda’s story on social media about her German Shepherd and wanted to know if she’d be willing to try their “patent pending” formula:


“I was very skeptical so I agreed and purchased a few bottles (which were pretty expensive by the way), before giving it to  Bruce I made sure to take it to my vet and made sure it was safe to administer to him.”

According to a company spokesman:

“Pet Bounce uses a 100% natural proprietary blend which cannot be found in any other product available (mainly due to our patent) . We’ve been researching & developing this product since 1996. We’ve tested extensively on German Shepherds with some extraordinary results! We noticed the sooner you give it to your pet (like before problems start to show up), the less likely they will ever show up”

The company also informed us that the product can also be used for other breeds of dogs as well as cats.

So Linda was advised to give her German Shepperd Bruce the Pet Bounce Formula for 2 Month which she did and she didn’t think anything of it until one day her husband decided to take the ATV out on the trail and that’s when this happened:

“This has been the first time Bruce has ran in over a year! When we showed our vet this, she was also surprised as well, she said she noticed a huge reduction in inflammation in his joints and various other parts of his body as well! This is most likely what lead to his ability to run again.”

Fast forward 2-Years, Bruce, unfortunately, died due to old age on 5/28/2018. When speaking to Linda she told us this:

“We are saddened by our loss of our beloved Bruce and knew this day would come eventually. I would like to give a HUGE thank you to the Pet Bounce team and their wonderful product as they helped Bruce live 2 Years longer than what even the vet expected. Our biggest regret was not trying this sooner!”

How To Try Out Pet Bounce For Your Dog

In honor of Bruce, Pet Bounce is currently running a promotion from 9/15/2018 to 10/12/2018  where you can get a 2-Month supply for $6.95 (this is after the mail in rebate) and get unlimited future refills at only $14.95 (which saves you $35 off of each bottle). You also have 90 – Day to try the product, if you don’t notice a change in the behavior or health of your dog, Just ask for a refund!

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