Dangers Of Sleep Aids & Safer Alternatives That Work Better

In the 5 minute video below Dr.Geoger who is also the author of the book “How Not To Die” goes over the studies that not only prove but explains how dangerous sleep aids are due to one ingredient “Melatonin”.

Supplements of any kind are NOT regulated by the FDA so this means companies can add whatever they want without any consequence as long as it’s not a drug.

Virtualy all the sleep aid supplements (especially the ones sold on Amazon) have melatonin in them.

As Dr.Gregor illustrated in the video there are several dangers you need to be aware of in regards to the melatonin found in ALL sleep aid supplements (even the natural ones):

  • Taking even just 3 mg of melatonin is putting 50 times the amount that’s usually found in your bloodstream. No studies have been done to show long-term effects of doing this.
  • Melatonin has been shown to decrease the size of your “Gonads”, in men this means your testicles & for women, this means your ovaries. This effect has been shown even by just taking a small amount of melatonin (1 mg).
  • If you plan on having children either now or in the future, melatonin will lower your chances especially if you are already having fertility issues.
  • Inaccurate Labeling – A study was conducted where 31 different sleep aid supplements were purchased from grocery stores & pharmacy’s and were sent to a lab to be tested and researches found that there was a difference between -83% to +478% of the labeled melatonin content on the given sleep aid supplement. Most only had 10% of the melatonin that was claimed on the label.
  • Kids sleep aid supplements containing melatonin were also sent to the lab & tested. Researchers found wildly inaccurate labeling as well, the most variable sample was a chewable tablet. It contained almost 9 mg of melatonin when it was supposed to only contain 1.5 mg according to the label.
  • 2/3rd’s (4 out of 6) of all sleep aids containing melatonin were found to have unidentified impurities in them.
  • Researchers believe that melatonin may lead to a future outbreak of eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome (EMS) similar to what was seen in the 1990s l-tryptophan epidemic.

What Should You Take Instead Of Sleep Aid Supplements?

The safest alternative to traditional sleep aids that most doctors recommend is CBD Oil. In particular, one brand called: CBD Pure Hemp Oil designed to help you sleep.

CBD Oil is so safe that there are no reported side effects, often time doctors even give it to children since it contains no psychoactive properties. Despite CBD Oil being so safe, when used at higher concertations, it could even put an elephant to sleep, it is very powerful BUT it has to be the correct brand & dosages.

CBD Pure is currently the only CBD company that does everything right according to doctors standards

  • The oil is “Cold Pressed” and this is VERY important! 99% of other brand do NOT use this method and therefore will NOT work. The oil has to be cold pressed in order to get the benefits.
  • The company uses a safe Co2 extraction process as opposed to other CBD companies that use butane (which is toxic to humans)
  • Organically grown so no pesticides, additives, etc.. Just pure CBD, nothing more nothing less.
  • The CBD oil made by CBD Pure goes through rigorous third party testing to ensure no contaminants are present and to ensure consistent results & potency. Also, unlike any other CBD company, they make their lab results publicly available so you can see for yourself.
  • Unlike other CBD products, their product line also has dual purposes. What this means is not only does it help put you to sleep, it also helps with controling any pain on any part of your body such as joint pain, mustle pain, inflamation, etc…

CBD pure has multiple options to choose from, they have a version called “CBD Hemp Oil 300 mg” which is only $59 and should work for most people who have insomnia/sleeping issue.

If you have a severe case I recommend you try their “CBD Hemp Oil 600 mg” which is $79 and this stuff will have you out like a light, it’s super potent & effective.

If you happen to be one of the rare individuals with what’s known as “Chronic Insomnia” they have a 750 mg version which is as strong as sleeping gas (but much safer).

I highly recommend you check out CBD Pure, I also use them personally for my sleeping issue (I use their CBD Hemp Oil 300 mg) and it works perfectly for me (usually within 10-15 minutes and I’m sleeping like a baby).

They stand behind their products and provide a 90-Day (3 Month) Full Money Back guarantee.

They also have Live Chat support & Phone Support in case you have any questions.

They have a 10% OFF sale going on from 02/1/19 – *Date*

To Place An Order Visit: http://www.cbdpurehemplabs.com

Side Note: And just to be clear I am NOT sponsored by CBD Pure Hemp Labs, nor am I affiliated with them. They are the only company which sales this special proprietary CBD Oil blend & concentration, you cannot purchase it anywhere else..


  • Annie
    Annie says:

    Wow kelly, Thanks

  • Emma Hall
    Emma Hall says:

    Insomnia can be subtle for some people or get progressively worse for others, it all depends on the person. Luckly I don’t suffer from insomnia but I feel sorry for the people who do.

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      Yep, totally agree. Woman are at higher risk of developing anxiety at some point in their lives. Not only that but they develop it earlier than men do.

  • Catherine
    Catherine says:

    How long have you tried the product for?

  • Jodi Belair
    Jodi Belair says:

    I can vouch on the effects of Pure CBD Hemp, the stuff is like horse tranquilizer, as soon as you take it, it’s night night 😂

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      Yes it is very powerful, as someone who has used multiple sleep aids/medications, it’s funny how a plant that grows out of the grand is more powerful than what a pharmaceutical company can create in a lab.

  • Corrine Chance
    Corrine Chance says:

    I think the reason why CBD might have help you is it works wonders on anxiety and the number one cause of insomnia is anxiety.

  • Avatar
    Christina says:

    Thanks for the information! Goodness, I have been on sleep medication for the last 20 years non-stop. Sometimes it knocks me out, sometimes it’s as if I had not taken anything at all. (But I have multiple issues going on at once.) Unfortunately, both my 25 yo son and my 13 yo daughter both have “inherited” my insomnia. My son smokes CBD (not entirely sure it’s actually for insomnia and anxiety, or possibly just the desire to smoke weed), but it doesn’t always work. And my daughter has tried most of the prescription sleep aids that are safe for children, and they still don’t work. I’ll have to try this CBD to see how we all do with it.

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      You are very welcome and that you for taking the time to comment. I know what some people are going through so hopefully, I can share my situation in hopes of helping someone else who might be going through something similar. This is worth a try since I’ve tried multiple different brands but nothing works as good as Kentucky Hemp based products.

  • Avatar
    Jody Johnston says:

    Coming off methadone can’t sleep

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      I recommend you contact them, they have awesome support which should help you get sorted out with the bests solution for you.

  • Avatar
    Emily Hale says:

    I dont have a prob getting asleep its staying asleep! Usually awake every hour to every two. Im up at least 3 times usually more a night. Im a 64 yr old woman n am desperate for help

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      Hi Emily,

      Disclaimer: Please be advised that I am not a doctor and any advice provided is solely based on personal experience or advice from actual doctors.

      With that being said, it sounds like you might have adrenal gland issues, your adrenal glands control the quality of sleep that you experience (how long you sleep). You should go to your doctor and have your adrenal glands checked to make sure that everything is in order. There is evidence that suggests CBD can help with not only the adrenal gland function but as well as the entire endocrine system.

      This can also be a sign of anxiety, so again CBD would also help in this matter.

      Also, since you say you are 64 years old, studies show that as you get older you body produces less melatonin, at 60+ your body is producing almost 1/3rd of the melatonin then when you were in your 20’s.

      So besides CBD another thing you can add is Almonds, Raspberries & Goji Berries. Studies have shown this combination has been shown to boost your melatonin blood levels by 50x within 5 minutes (which is amazing). The difference here is your body is naturally producing the melatonin whereas taking a supplement is synthetically doing so (and this is why it’s dangerous to take ANY sleep aid with melatonin in it).

      Not to mention, it’s cheaper to buy the CBD + Almonds, Raspberry & Goji Berry.

      PLEASE NOTE: Do NOT purchase dried goji berry or raspberry as it will NOT work, they must be the whole undried fruit. With Goji, it’s hard to find the non-dried versions so I recommend purchasing organic Goji Berry juice instead, with the raspberry you can easily find it at your local grocery store freezer section.

      Also, it will take about a full month to see significant results but you should notice benefits within 5+ minutes (at least that’s what was shown in the individuals who participated in the studies).

      Please keep us posted on your progress,

      Best Regards,

  • Avatar
    Sara concetto says:

    I am desperately trying to find something natural to help me sleep. I went to a cbd store and they said my blood pressure meds will interact with cbd. Doctors only recommend prescription drugs which I am trying to avoid. Thank you for any advice!

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